lazy time!

don't be lazy catarina... don't be lazy!

1. Your creative juices are important, don’t let them dry out

2. Taking the time to size up your competition might help you out later

3. A lot happens on the Internet in a day, you don’t want to miss out

5. I bet your editorial calendar could use some beefing up

6. To keep your readers hooked, keep the storytelling coming

7. Even if you’re stuck inside during a storm, there are things you can be doing to stay on top (provided you have power)

8. Have you heard? Brands need bloggers

9. Because if you’re a blogger, you probably “can’t get no satisfaction” with your blog’s traffic

10. You should be always looking how to monetize your blog in the future

11. Your inner voice might be telling you to lay on the couch and eat ice cream, but don’t do it

13. Brush up on your writing skills to keep your audience coming back for more

15. YOU are the boss of your blog, YOU have to motivate yourself

16. If you get lazy with your content, you may be actually hurting your traffic

17. There’s a lot of blogger terminology you need to know, study up!

20. Blogging success doesn’t come overnight

21. Even if you’re on vacation, you can still create content for your site

22. Gaining organic followers is key to growing your blog, don’t take the lazy “follow for follow” way out

23. Instead of watching TV, make your blog more addictive… like TV

24. Schedule your work day and your “resting time” so you stay on track

25. How are you going to work with brands if you don’t actively pitch yourself?

Tenho mesmo de voltar a 100% ao blogue! Preguiça que te apoderaste de mim... sai "satanás!!!"


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